BTL - The Director's Cut

Six short (20-40 minutes duration) LARPs for 4-6 players with varying science-fiction themes from dark cyberpunk and hard SF, through to Hitchikers-inspired comedy.

Complete scenario details for players (excluding character sheets) are available via the links below.

Originally written for the "Better Than Life" booth in Across the Universe, these have since been adapted for more general distribution with some ATU specific references being removed or altered, and several of the scenarios gaining small amounts of content and a longer expected run-time. One scenario which was more board-game than LARP was also removed.

These have also been relabelled as a "Bunch of Tiny Larps" to more clearly describe their current status while retaining the recognised acronym.

Each player will need to read and digest approx 1-2 sides of A4. All text is designed to be 'Dyslexic-friendly'.

We are endebted to the writers of Across the Universe for providing inspiration and a reason to bring these games into existence, and for then encouraging their re-use outside the confines of that game.