To Live Forever

The Omega Artifact has to go into the Warehouse; the military can’t be left to dabble with something that powerful. Doing so was always going to be tricky; but you didn’t expect it to go this pear-shaped.

One for those who want Problem Solving and Angst in their Roleplaying.

Genre/Influences: Warehouse 13, A Town Called Eureka, Groundhog Day, Sapphire and Steel.

Warnings: People bleeding to death.

Character and scenario summary

The universe:

Modern Day with weird artifacts.

The situation:

Agents Lattimer, Bering and Nielson are visiting a military research centre headed up by Director Dr. Jet Blake.

In this building there is a lab in section 5 containing the Omega Artifact. The three Agents made their way to this lab – after losing their escort.

Dr Blake became suspicious, and went to investigate with a guard. On her arrival Agent Lattimer shot the guard with his "Tesla" (a kind of stun-gun), knocking him unconscious. However, the guard got a shot off before going down; wounding Agent Bering badly. Dr Blake activated an alarm, causing the doors to slam shut.

Agent Lattimer then activated the artifact, causing a blinding flash and then the artifact turned a dull grey.

Neutraliser: Artie has a large flask of 'Neutraliser'. This is a substance that temporarily shuts down an artifact's power. When Neutraliser hits an artifact it produces a flash - the stronger the artifact the brighter the flash... and also the more neutraliser you need to apply to completely neutralise it.

The Doors: The emergency doors that have slammed shut are very thick and solid, effectively blocking any radio signals. There is no mechanism to open them from the inside. You expect they will open again in about 10 minutes, with several very curious armed guards on the other side.

Character summary:

NB: The letters in parentheses above indicate the perceived gender of each character in this game. (N) Indicates the player may choose the character's perceived gender.

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