Descent Into Oblivion

Mal is dead. The crew of Serenity wrestle with loss, regret, and life and death decisions in the face of the unknown.

Genre/Influences: Firefly

Warnings: A character-focussed scenario. Not for those who want to ‘solve the problem’ or care about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’.

Character and scenario summary

The Universe:

This scenario is set in a future with a ‘cowboys in space’ feel, in which spacecraft ply the trade routes between planets. These planets are part of a greater central authority, but have significant administrative independence (much as various states had in the old west). A civil-war for greater independence from the unifying alliance happened in the recent past, leaving scars which have not yet healed.

The Situation:

Reminder: This is not a game about ‘solving the problem’. This about playing the characters and the situation they find themselves in.

Serenity crew summary:

NB: The letters in parentheses above indicate the perceived gender of each character in this game. (N) Indicates the player may choose the character's perceived gender.

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