BTL - The Director's Cut: Logistics

Overall Structure

BTL scenarios are short set-piece LARPs. Games should normally fit into less than 40 mins. (Reading 10-15 mins. Runtime: 10-20 mins, plus setup/tear-down). Games are designed to be run by a single GM, and a small group of players (between 4 and 6 depending on the specific scenario).

The games have short (1-2 sides of A4) pre-written characters. We expect these to be printed in dyslexic-friendly font on off-white paper.

The games will either require no props or possibly a small number of 'easily obtainable/simple props', and require a single small game space with limited furniture (generally a few chairs).

Summary of Signups Process

Some pre-convention signups are possible via the website. These games will run as normal at the specified time, and with the signed up players.

We will also have a "queue of signup sheets" e.g. sheets pegged to a string.

Games at the front of the queue will be the next to run, assuming the players are immediately available.

Detail of Signup Process

We will provide sets of signup sheets for each of the various games listing number of players, and perceived gender balance.

A player can either add their name to any signup sheet which is not yet full, or add a new signup sheet with their name on to the back of the queue. A player should only be on one signup sheet at any given time, but once they have played a game, they can then sign up for another game.

The queue applies to all the available BTL streams i.e. the group with their signup at the front of the queue goes into the room that next comes free.

When a GM using one of the game spaces becomes free they will:

Games should be staggered; so that e.g. if there are 3 play areas, and an average play time of 30 minutes, a game will be started approx every 10 minutes.

This way:

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