The Judgement of Solomon

A courtroom drama with the fate of a child hanging in the balance. Romance, guilt, hubris and corporate greed with some moderately dark elements.

Genre/Influences: Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd, Robocop.

Warnings: Do not play this if you need a happy ending, or are bothered by discussions of medical procedures.

Scenario summary

The Universe:

In the future, the time to reach a judgement was recognised as a major impediment to law and justice in society. It has been decided that swift impartial judgement was most often at least as accurate as one reached by allowing lawyers to argue for years, or one in which the duration of a case might allow one side or the other to corrupt the judicial process. A prolonged legal battle also cost money and consumed the time of the court, thereby denying justice to those who cannot afford the time or the money to pursue it.

As a result the ‘Judge’ has become a monk-like reclusive professional, highly trained in techniques to detect lies and evasion. The aim of the Judge is to get as much of the truth of the situation as can be ascertained in a brief allotted time slot. Their time is valuable, but is provided freely by the state to all who require it. The mottos of the Judge are: “Slow Justice is no Justice.” and “I am the Law.”

To assist the truth, a Judge’s session is entirely confidential. What is discussed will be used only to guide the Judge to a judgement. Nothing revealed within the session may be used elsewhere.

The Situation:

Character summary:

NB: The letters in parentheses above indicate the perceived gender of each character in this game. (N) Indicates the player may choose the character's perceived gender.

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