The UNVED and Their Powers

By Dr Denzel Casey




Alexis Kline Blink Time-Skip
Bryan Clayton Angst Unaging, Regenerating, Eidetic memory
Catalina Nielson Icemaiden Freezing Grip
Christobel Gentry Tower Invulnerable
Ebenezer Phillips Sparky Radio Sense
Edward Eaton Chameleon Chameleon Skin
Elaine House Glowfinger Finger Laser
Giovanni Holt Jammer Radio Jamming
Hope Terrel Siren Musical Projective Empath
Jacob Bradford Telegraph Telepathy
Martin Napp Matchstick Burning Grip
Pat Murray Deja Vu Post-Cognition
Terry Gordon Insight Psychic Inspirations
Tracy Mueler Hivemind Insect Control
Zoran Ivanov Lifter Grav Shielding